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For the health of women, we have the best female gynecologist in Lahore. We treat all the diseases and infections related to breasts, cervix and reproductive system. Our Lady Doctor in Lahore provides better infertility treatment.


We have the best andrologist and urologist in Lahore, provides treatment to all the problems and disease specifically related to male health. Our Chinese doctor treat sexual dysfunction, infertility, and UTI sickness.


Dr. Liu Zeli is the best anorectal specialist for males and Dr. Toxing Liu for females. We have highly professional and trained staff that facilitates you with treatments which have guaranteed effective results for the healthy rectal area.


A little pain or damage to your body can lead you towards serious fitness troubles if left untreated. We have Dr.Sang Mailin the best physiotherapist in Lahore who have experience of thirty years in this discipline. We are offering high-quality services.

Meet our Doctors – Zaib Medical Center

Best Chinese doctors in Lahore who have expertise in diagnosing and treating all type of diseases, disorders, and infections. We have Chinese specialists for our different departments like Gynecology, Physiotherapy, Andrology, General physician and Gastroenterology. All of them are senior members of the Chinese Medical Association (CMA). Pakistani doctors combined with Chinese doctors, provide best treatment with Chinese methodology.

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Dr. Lui Zeli
Best Gastroenterologist in Lahore who have 17 years skills in treating all the disorders linked to digestive and gastrointestinal tract.

zaib medical center, 03112852680, best gynecologist in lahore, best urologist in lahoreDr. Goufen Liu
Best Gynecologist in Lahore with 35 years experience is specialized in diagnosing and treating gynecological and women health disorders.

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Dr. Zhi Wang
Best Chinese urologist and Andrologist in Lahore have expertise in treating all kind of Male sexual and urological issues.

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Dr. Sang Mailin
Skillful Chinese Physiotherapist in Lahore gives you relief for the functionality of your damaged or painful bones.