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Our Effective Chinese Treatment in Lahore for Vaginitis

An infection of vaginitis, a female has the vagina which strikes women of all ages. We provide treatment of this vaginal infection  at Lahore hospital. Our Chinese urologist Dr. Guofen Liu has vast experience in her gynecology field. The type of treatment depends on the reason and intensity of infection you are having. We guarantee you that you can cure every female problem in our hospital with the help of traditional herbal Chinese medicines and with advance Chinese technology.

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What is Vaginitis?

Female's vagina and vulva suffer from inflammation are termed as vaginitis. It is primarily due to bacteria entering vagina from outside, most of the time bacteria will infect the vagina firstly. If vagina has appeared inflammation, it will have the symptom of vaginal itching or abnormal vaginal discharge. Women should pay more attention to their vagina and be serious when the unusual situation appeared.

What Are The Symptoms ?

Some of the common symptoms of vaginitis may include:
  • Discharge from the vagina may change in color, odor or amount
  • Vaginal itching
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Painful urination
  • Light vaginal bleeding
  • Irrational inflammation in the genital area with redness and swelling
  • Abnormal smelly vaginal discharge
  • Discharge with pungent odor and it have different colors like green, yellow, gray or foamy

General Causes of Vaginitis:

Origin of vaginitis depends on what type of infection you are suffering. It can be bacterial, yeast, or viral infection. Compounds in creams or splashes or even clothes can cause this infection. Sometimes, it happens from organisms between sexual partners. Also, the vaginal area is affected by some different factors including a woman's fitness, her hygiene, medications, hormones (particular estrogen), and the health of her partner. Trouble in any of these factors can trigger this ailment in you. In the menstrual period, bacteria can invade into the vagina. The abuse of unclear sanitary napkins will pollute the vulva, thus causing the multiplication of bacteria. The more bacteria the vulva has, the more easily vagina is infected.

How You Can Prevent Vaginitis:

Following are some precautionary preventions from vaginitis, you should adopt.
  • Advice regarding personal hygiene is essential
  • Do not use synthetic undergarments
  • Fingernails should be clipped short
  • Use of a condom during intercourse

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