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Prolapsed Uterus Treatment in Lahore | Symptoms| Causes

A prolapsed uterus is very common nowadays and ignoring it is not the solution to get rid out of the problem. Every problem comes with a solution and for best results and to recover faster you should go for the treatment before it's too late. Make an appointment with our very experienced Chinese Urologist Dr. Guofin Liu for treatment. She will treat you through traditional Chinese herbal medicines and with latest Chinese technology.

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Why your Uterus Get Sick?

The womb is an organ in the female body that hangs smoothly with the help of pelvic floor muscles is known as the uterus. Due to any cause, when these muscles get sick, so, it appears in the drop-down or displacement from its original place and comes into the vagina, this position is known as a Prolapsed Uterus. Its signs vary from person to person, and you need to identify them shortly, to get the treatment on time.

Common Symptoms of Uterus:

Here are some general symptoms of uterus problem you want to look out for if you are undergoing the situation. The burden in the pelvic area: If you are facing any trouble in your vulva, so, it might be showing you are going through the dilemma. You can also feel that something is coming out of your vagina. If you ever encounter that, so, without any delay, consult our Chinese doctors, before it's too late! Pain and discomfort: Another way to recognize the disease is the pain in the lower back, lower abdomen, or the vagina for an extended period that becomes hard for you to get rid of. Difficulty during sex: A woman who is experiencing this ailment may face trouble during the sex. The pain, fail to orgasm and leak during sex are some of the problems women face if they are going through such condition.

General Causes of Uterus Sickness:

Following are some common reasons that can cause uterus problems in you: Heavyweight lifting: Lifting too much heavy weight puts pressure on your pelvic floor that can damage its muscles. Pelvic tumor: Having a pelvic tumor can increase your chances of suffering from the condition. Constipation: Women who have regular constipation problem should consult our Chinese doctor because it can increase the chances. It can affect your rectum as well as the pelvic floor. Aging: It can be one of the most common cause while the vaginal delivery of a woman the muscles of a pelvic floor get weak and at the time of aging, these muscles become weaker and sometimes they are no longer able to support the uterus.

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