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Urethritis Treatment

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Male Urethritis-Symptoms-Preventions and its Treatment in Lahore

Sexually transmitted disease urethritis is generally because of contamination by bacteria within urethra carried in via urethra opening. We provide you effective Chinese treatment in Lahore with traditional Chinese herbal medicines at ZhongBa hospital. We have Chinese andrologist, who have expertise in treating male health issues. Inflammation in the urethra with Painful urination is the primary symptom of urethritis. The main reason for this disorder is usually infection using bacteria within the kidney, bladder, or urinary tract.

Urethritis - A Sexually Transmitted Contamination:

Non-specific urethritis is a sexually transmitted disease which includes under the category of bacterial STI. However, the exact cause of this infection is not yet known, which is why it is known as non-specific. This disease, as the name suggests, affects the urethra in men and women. This infection is common amongst couples who have regular unprotected sex. Non-specific urethritis causes because of vigorous sexual intercourse, even with protection. If you will leave untreated, can cause further health difficulties in both men and women.

What Is Urethritis In Males?

Males have urethra from where urine and semen float out. Urethritis is a condition in which the urethra get infected and irritated because of bacteria. It is as an inflammation of urethral mucosa. Mostly we divide it into acute and chronic urethritis. It's caused mainly by bacteria getting into the urinary tract.

General Symptoms:

The symptoms include frequent urination, pain and burning when urinating and blood in urine. Male patients in the acute phase have urethral discharge that can be mucinous in the beginning and turn to be more quantity of purulent secretion later.
  • Sensitivity with inflammation while urinating.
  • Swelling near the penis.
  • Urine or semen has blood in it.
  • Unusual discharge from the penis.
  • Often urge to urinate.

Prevention for Men:

According to our Chinese andrologist, you have to adopt the following precautions to prevent disease to spread or to get a worse infection. You should avoid having sex, taking drugs and eating spicy food. More water should be drunk. Isolation is necessary at home. Bath towel, wash basin, bathtub, the toilet should be used separately or disinfected after use.

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