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Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment

Cervical degenerative disc is an age related condition that happens when one or more of the discs between the vertebrae of the spinal cord column breaks down, leading to pain. There are may be weakness, dumbness, tenderness and pain that radiates down the leg. Despite of cervical degenerative discs name, it is not a disease, but a natural occurrence that comes with aging. Do not get worried we have cervical disc treatment at Zhongba hospital in Lahore for you.

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The rubbery and soft discs between the vertebrae normally the flexing and bending of the back, like shock absorbers. In the same time, they become worn, and they will no offer as much protection as before.

Symptoms of Cervical degenerative disc

Thee condition which starts with damage to the spine, but in meanwhile, symptoms can affect other parts of the body. Symptoms mostly get worse with time age.

The discomfort can range from mild to severe and worse and debilitating. It can lead to osteoarthritis, with pain and tenderness in the back. The most common early symptoms of cervical degenerative disc is usually pain and weakness in the back that radiates to another area and we have natural ways for cervical degenerative disc treatment at Zhongba hospital.

If the damage is in the lower back, or lumber spine in back, the discomfort and pain may radiate to buttocks and upper thighs. There are tingling, numbness, or both in the legs or feet. If the damage is in neck area, or cervical spine, the pain may spread to the shoulder, arm, and hands. There may be instability in the spine, leading to muscle spasms in the lower back of spine tries to stabilize the vertebrae and it can be painful. You can get rid from this pain easily with cervical degenerative disc treatment. Otherwise pain may be worse when sitting, bending, lifting or twisting, walking, laying down, and changing position.

Causes of cervical degenerative disc:

Intervertebral discs are also known as the in vertebral fibrocartilage, provide the padding between the vertebrae of the spine. It is made up of elastic structure called fibrocartilage tissue. It is tough and fibrous both, and it consists of several overlapping layers. The in vertebral discs cushions the stress when the spine moves or lifts weight. It also help spine to bend. This all happen due to two changes for which further you need cervical degenerative disc treatment are:

  • Loss of fluid between discs
  • Damaging of disc structure

Other problems may include:

  • A breakdown of cartilage the tissue which works as a cushions for joints
  • A bulging or herniated disc
  • A narrowing of spinal canal

Treatments for Cervical Degenerative Disc

For the cervical degenerative disc treatment there are some options which include occupational therapy, physical therapy, or both, special exercises, Chinese traditional herbal medication and losing weight.



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