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Stool Bleeding

Our Best Stool Bleeding Treatment in Lahore with Chinese Medicines:

If you are seeing blood in your stool that can be due to the abnormal condition of your gastrointestinal tract. We have Chinese specialist Dr. Liu Zeli for stool bleeding treatment with the help of Chinese herbal medicines. Unhygienic diet and poor lifestyle are the main root cause of this disorder. Hemorrhoids, anal tears, and extreme constipation promote rectal bleeding. In order to eliminate possible bleeding, the very first thing that you need to put in order is to increase the intake of fiber in your diet. Rectal Bleeding generally stops just as fast as it started. If it remains persistent then you should come to our Chinese anorectal specialist for natural and efficient stool bleeding treatment. stool bleeding stool bleeding treatment in lahore best piles doctor in lahore causes of stool bleeding treatment of stool bleeding

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What is the reason for Stool Bleeding?

Following are some general causes of stool bleeding:
  • GIT (gastrointestinal tract): Severe infection and disease cause the blood in your stool.
  • Piles (hemorrhoids): In your rectal area swollen blood vessels break when your hard stool passes and causes irritation and inflammation.
  • Anal Fissure: In the tissue lining of the anus you have a tear and bleeding causes when you pass your stool.
  • Angiodysplasia: One of the colons relates to aging and occurs due to enlarged blood vessels in the colon.
  • Gastroenteritis: Viral or bacterial stomach infection causing bloody diarrhea with abdominal cramps and vomiting.
  • Diverticula: Identifies tiny bulges that develop on the intestinal lining. The deteriorated blood vessels in the diverticula may burst or bleed.
Other conditions which may lead to stool bleeding include stomach ulcers, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease and cancer of the colon or rectum might also cause bleeding.

General Symptoms of Stool Bleeding:

These are some common signs and symptoms of stool bleeding if you are facing then you should consult our Chinese anorectal specialist as soon as possible. Abdominal pain, visible blood clots or bleeding without pain are generally associated, also the weakness, chest pain, dizziness, shortness of breath, or blood pressure variations based on the number of blood loss may be experienced. If you will ignore your symptoms then your ailments can be worse from mild to intensive.

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