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Degenerative changes which take place in the spine that is the consequence of wear and tear causes lumbar diseaseA backache from degenerative disc sickness might be disabling and motive lost time from work, depression, and inhibit recreational activities. If you are having pain in your lumbar area, it is time to get treatment from our Chinese hospital. Generally, sciatica and lower back pain are classified in lumbar disc disease by our Chinese doctors. For Lumbar disease treatment Lahore at Zaib Medical Center get quick relief from your back pain. Dr. Sang Mailin can provide you comprehensive medical care with the help of Chinese herbal medicines and Chinese physio-therapies.

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Lumbar Disease – Diagnosis at Zaib Medical Center

When you end up with a lumbar disease, what happens is that the cushion you had around the nucleus of your spine has lost some of its gel-like quality. The outer layer, the annulus, used to be very strong and protective as well, but due to injury or aging, both of these have lost their ability to keep your spine strong. A lumbar disc prolapse occurs when that annulus doesn’t have the strength to keep the nucleus from oozing out, or prolapsing. This prolapse puts the nucleus of the disc, and the surrounding gel, into contact with the nerves running up and down the spinal canal, inflaming the nerves and the spine in that area.

Lumbar Disease Treatment Lahore – Best Spine Center in Pakistan

In some rare cases, one might be born with spinal abnormalities in the spine creating congenital stenosis. Injury or any kind of trauma to the neck is another reason for spinal stenosis. Other rare causes of the spine are, tumor, and infection.

  • Aging factor
  • Twisting and compression injury to the spine
  • Core weakness
  • Calcification
  • Tumor
  • Infection

Symptoms of Lumbar Disease – Best Physiotherapist in Lahore

Initially, the patients experience no pain and discomfort. It is only when condition deteriorates that they start becoming symptomatic. Numbness, pain, and tingling in the hands and arms are often called as radiculopathy. You can also feel the pangs of neck pain as spinal joints become stiff and arthritis. Pinched nerves in the upper portion of the neck might cause headaches. As the degeneration progresses, it might lead to compression of the spinal cord which triggers several symptoms such as loss of manual dexterity in the hands, incontinence, weakness, and numbness in the legs or arms or loses balance.


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