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Cervical Pain and problem or Osteoarthritis Treatment in Lahore

It forms due to the natural and inevitable effects on bones and cartilage. Cervical disc treatment is due to the common issue of age factor which influences the discs and joints of your cervical spine links in your neck. It is also termed as neck arthritis or osteoarthritis. Around 85% of the world population is suffering from some kind of back pain due to wrong sitting postures or spending long hours in front of computers or other electronic devices. The back problems such as a severe backache, sinusitis or spondylitis are very common these days. We have Chinese pain specialist Dr. Sang Mailin for the cervical pain treatment at Zaib Medical Center Lahore.

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Symptoms of Cervical Pain:

The main symptoms of cervical pain are neck stiffness, pain, or shoulder pain, stiff; nodded and looked up and turned around and limitation of activity; some patients, there may be dizziness, headache, palpitation, chest tightness, vomit, tinnitus, vertigo, vision vague symptoms.

  • Slouched sitting addiction
  • Lengthy hours of laptop utilization
  • Mobile and tablet usages
  • Terrible sound asleep posture
  • Heavy backpacks or laptop baggage

Therapies for Cervical Disc Treatment – Zaib Medial Center

Our doctors at Zaib Medical Center have special Chinese therapies and exercise techniques to provide you instant relief from cervical pain. The Spinal cord is covered by 33 ring-shaped bones called vertebrae. Many nerves branch out from the spinal cord to reach parts of the body. As the spinal cord is the first main wire to carry communication process, we need to take special care of our spinal cord.

Exercises for Spinal health – Best Physiotherapist in Lahore

  • Neck flexion extension: First take a deep breath, inhale the neck flexion as far as possible; and then exhale air extending the neck backward maximum, repeated Seven to eight times.
  • Neck flexion: Under a deep breath, inhale as much as possible to the left skew the head, exhale head to restore bit; then head to the right skew inhale, exhale head to restore bits, repeated Seven to eight for cervical pain
  • Neck stretch: Deep breathing to the left in front of the head and neck stretched as far as possible, exhale to restore the position of head and neck. Deep inspiration and then make right in front of the head and neck stretched as far as possible, exhale to restore the position of head and neck.
  • Neck rotation method: Take a deep breath, inhale the head and neck rotation to the left as far as possible, and then rotate to the right so, repeated two or three times.


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