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Breast Disease Treatment In Lahore

The breast disease is the second most commonly diagnosed ailment among women in Pakistan, after skin cancer, including mastitis, breast hyperplasia, and breast cancer. This disease can be worse and injurious if not diagnosed timely. Zaib Medical Center facilitates you with the latest technology for surgery, radiations, and chemotherapy for breast disorders. We also provide you instant relief and quick medical care with the help of Chinese herbal medicines. Generally, women’s in Pakistan are hesitant to target and get treated when it comes to their girl organs. All of the breast issues which are non-cancerous are not harmful or have life threats for you.

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Breast Disease and Enlargement Treatment – Zaib Medical Center

  • Breast Lump: 

When your nipple turns inwards with redness and having swelling or itching with abnormal discharge, you may be having a breast lump.

  • Breast Cyst:

A breast cyst is oval lumps filled with fluid like a balloon; it can be cancerous or non-cancerous.

  • Breast Hyperplasia:

Distinctive sizes and abnormal nodules formation, and the encircling tissue obstacles found in this ailment.

  • Breast Fibroids:

Related to excessive estrogen inside the body may additionally occur on an unmarried or each side of the breast.

How Will You Prevent Yourself From Breast Disease?

Over 40 thousand females in Pakistan expire due to extreme fatal cases of breast disease. Our Chinese doctors stated that you could prevent yourself from this disease using following a few simple guidelines and activities like:

  • Workout each day to be physically active.
  • Keep away from birth control drugs.
  • Consume healthy and hygienic food.
  • Adopt a healthy sleep habitual.
  • Consumption of vitamins and folic acid.

Breast Enlargement at Zaib Medical Center Lahore

The main reason is the level of female hormones secrets excessively. Breast disease is very devastating ailment which can affect your health. There are some reasons that you can have these diseases or infection. Symptoms can tell that what type of illness you are having. You can have swollen painful breast, blockage in milk ducts, and overproduction of milk. The primary treatment at Zaib Medical Center is surgery and Combined with physical therapy and combined therapy of Chinese treatment.


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