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Anal Fissure – Male & Female Gastroenterologist at Zaib Medical Center

Small tears on the surface of the anus in the fragile mucosa, due to passing irregular hard stool. Nowadays because of unhygienic diet and poor routine mostly people are facing this disorder. In this disorder, you suffer great pain and bleeding during bowl flow. For your active anal fissure treatment, we have experience Chinese anorectal specialist Dr. Liu Zeli in Lahore who will give you complete medical care. We have competent and professional Chinese anorectal medical staff who will take best medical care of your problems with the help of Chinese Traditional Medicines and minimally invasive surgery methods with no pain.

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Anal Fissure Treatment for Female in Lahore:

Mostly women’s are hesitant to be examined or get treated by male doctors but don’t worry about your comfort we have female piles specialist Dr. Tong Xiang Liu for anal fissure treatment. Females can have small tears or cracks in their fragile mucosa (moist tissue lines the anus). It mostly occurs when you continuously passes irregular concentrated hard stool.

Common Causes of Fissure and Fistula:

Dry bowel movements, diarrhea, inflammation in the anorectal region are the causes of disease. It causes sensitivity and continuous pain in your rectal area. Sometimes patients also experience pain and itching along with burning sensations.

  • Chronis constipation
  • Chemotherapy
  • During pregnancy
  • Diabetes
  • Anal sex risk of anal fissure increases in both men and women

Symptoms and Diagnosis at Zaib Medical Center:

  • Blood on the Surface of the Stool- anal fissure is basically wounding on the surface of the skin where the rectum meets the anus. These fissures may sometimes bleed out of tension or strain. Thus blood may sometimes be visible on the surface of your stool.
  • Blood on the Tissue- there are times when blood stains are suddenly visible on the paper as you wipe. The fissures may sometimes bleed and the tissue may absorb the blood.
  • Foul-Smelling Discharge- consistent release of odd-smelling discharge may sometimes signify anal fissure. This substance causes the foul smell coming from the cracks.
  • Burning And Itch- Feeling an intense burning sensation or constant itching on your anus, it may be the effect of the bacteria on the fissures.
  • A Visible Crack or Tear in the Anus- of course, when you check the anal canal or the anus, and you see minor cracks or tears, that is a sign that you have an anal fissure.
  • Difficulty In Defecating- this may be the most common symptom, it is more difficult to discharge feces, especially in large amounts.


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