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Diarrhea Treatment in Lahore – Best Proctolgist

Though diarrhea is very common it is very undesirable digestive disorder with loose, watery stools occurring more than three times a day. We have Chinese doctor Dr. Liu Zeli for the diarrhea treatment at Zaib Medical Center Lahore. He will provide you comprehensive care with the help of Chinese medicines. It can be said as an increase in the bowel’s frequency or decrease in the solidness of stool and mostly these two conditions are seen to be occurring when it strikes.

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Best Gastroenterologist – Diarrhea Treatment at Zaib Medical Center

Usually, it goes away on its own without any special treatment. But if the symptoms prolonged for a very long time then it may create some difficulties. The main effect is that it causes dehydration in which there is a lack of fluid in the body. An acute problem is a very common situation; all people have this unpleasant experience with short duration and disappear spontaneously without any treatment.

Symptoms and Diagnosis at Zaib Medical Center:

Common signs and symptoms of diarrhea may include loose motions, bloating, chills, feeling lightheaded, fever, vomiting and weakness, less urination, severe or mild abdominal pain. Stools with blood and high fever may be a clear sign of some really serious infection or parasite.

Diarrhea Treatment in Lahore:

Decreased absorption liquid (fluid passage from the intestine into the blood) in diarrhea as a result of intestinal function quickly (e.g. in response to anxiety) or due to inflammation of the bowel wall.

An excessive amount of liquid passing from the blood into the intestine (increased secretion), which happens when ingesting certain types of laxatives or in situations of acute gastroenteritis.

Complications of Diarrhea:

Dehydration in children and adults who lose a large amount of fluid in feces due to diarrhea. Especially when associated with vomiting or no fluid replacement. Dehydration can lead to hypo-tension with a faint.

Different Conditions of Diarrhea:

There are some conditions as mentioned below:

  • Incontinence of stool – It is an ability to control or delay bowel movements until a time comes; for an example until an individual can get into a toilet.
  • Rectal urgency – A sudden urge to have a bowel that is so strong if a toilet is not near, there could be issues.
  • Incomplete evacuation – It can be a sensation that another bowel movement soon after a bowel movement, yet there is difficulty passing second stool time the second time.


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