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Bawaseer Treatment in Lahore – Male and Female Piles Specialist

We at Zaib Medical Center treat internal and external hemorrhoids(bawaseer treatment) with surgical and non-surgical treatments. Usually, 40 – 50% people in the world are at risk of facing it at some point in their life. The usual age of bawaseer occurrence is between 20-50 years but it may onset from as early as 16 years. Excess of abdominal pressure swells up the lower rectum and anus veins thus causing irritation and pain.

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What is Hemorrhoids or Bawaseer?

Hemorrhoids or bawaseer as they’re commonly known are problematic veins within the rectum that become agitated and enlarged when substantial pressure is exerted on them. Swollen or enlarged veins of your rectal area can be due to random factors. Hemorrhoids cause scratchiness with irritation and inflammation in your anus.

Types of Bawaseer or Hemorrhoids:

Category of hemorrhoids or bawaseer varies, depends on the intensity of disease and in which area it’s happening. Hemorrhoids can be of two types:

  • Internal hemorrhoid: you can have this type of hemorrhoid in your rectum.
  • External hemorrhoid: you can have this type of hemorrhoid in your anus.

Bawaseer Treatment – Zaib Medical Center Lahore

Due to overweight, obesity, sitting or standing for excessively long periods, a deprived diet with less fiber intake, pregnancy or while holding breath for too long during delivery causes piles.

Following are some general causes of hemorrhoids:

  • Straining during bowel movement activity
  • Sitting for long intervals on the bathroom
  • Extreme constipation
  • Weight problems
  • Due to anal sex
  • The low-fiber diet or inadequate food plan

Symptoms of Hemorrhoids:

Mainly the symptoms of bawaseer are following:

Bawaseer Treatment Recommended By Gastroenterologist:

Dealing with bawaseer doesn’t always need to be challenging specifically if you begin home remedies for hemorrhoids the moment a flare-up commences. Following are remedies that can deliver fast relief from hemorrhoid pain and discomfort.

  • Ice Packs

Utilizing ice to combat exterior hemorrhoid tenderness is genuinely a convenient yet highly effective solution to accomplish quick results. You can buy ready made ice packs or put together your very own by simply grinding up ice-cubes and placing into a plastic bag.

  • Warm Epsom Salt Bath

Utilizing warm sitz baths to get rid of hemorrhoid discomfort and inflammation is amongst the most common pile’s remedies out there. The water begins to relieve the hemorrhoid area and reduce the aches and pains on-contact.


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