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Best Gastroenterology Department for Efficient Treatments:

Rectum and anus disorder and infections ought to need prompt control for the number of alarming signs and symptoms. If your rectal area has pain and bleed because of persistent constipation and different infections and anorectal ailments. For emergency cases, Zaib Medical Center has one of the leading departments in Lahore for supplying you efficient treatment under the supervision of our amazing and skillful Chinese Gastroenterologist in Lahore. Our considerable access secures you against fatal complications and ailments you can have in future.

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 Our Female and Male Chinese Gastroenterology Specialists:

Anal and rectal Infections and diseases are cured effectively at out anorectal department under the supervision of our Chinese medical staff and male anorectal specialist Dr. Liu Zeli. We also have the facility of female anorectal specialist Dr. Toxing Liu for females comfort zone. We give you best medical care for all anal diseases and infections like piles, anal fissure, anal fistula, hemorrhoids, constipation, and stool bleeding with the help of Chinese traditional herbal medicines.

Gastroenterologist at Zaib Medical Center -Anorectal Disease

Diseases related to anorectal are typically small tears near to the rectum and can affect anyone, yet people with HIV are at greater risks, roughly half of them needs an immediate operation to cure it. It is a common disease that mainly affects the anal region. Some of the common conditions that are linked to this disease are hemorrhoids, tears, fistulas, etc. Generally, several people experience this disorder, at least once during their lifetime.

Gastroenterology Treatments at Zaib Medical Center:

Here are some of the most common gastroenterology diseases we do treat at Zaib Medical Center with the help of our Chinese techniques and TCM. Anal fistula treatment. Abdominal distension treatment. Anal fissure treatment. Colitis treatment. Anal fistula treatment. Diarrhea treatment. Anal papilla treatment. Enteritis treatment. Hemorrhoids treatment. Prolapse of anus treatment. Polyp’s treatment. Constipation treatment. Stool bleeding treatment.

The Perspective of Surgery:

Everyone must agree that rectal health is one of our top priorities in life. We certainly need to take care of our body really well for our healthy digestive system. Otherwise, we might have to deal with several health issues, starting from simple ailment to severe illness. One of the most common diseases could be our bowel, colon, or even anus. Some diseases related to those areas can be very chronic and only surgery can help. Surgery at ZhongBa is getting quite common as 70% of people are getting affected by the same disorders due to junk and spicy foods. We have advanced Chinese technology for the surgeries.

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Bawaseer Treatment at Zaib Medical Center – Gastroenterologist in Lahore

Bawaseer Treatment in Lahore - Male and Female Piles Specialist We at Zaib Medical Center treat internal and...
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Anal Polyp Treatment in Lahore – Best Gastroenterologist Specialist

Anal Polyp Treatment at Zaib Medical Center Lahore In large gut's inner partitions anal polyp develops. Generally...
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Anal Papillae Treatment – Best Specialist in Lahore – Zaib Medical...

Anal Papillae Treatment in Lahore Tiny folds of the mucosa are located at the line of dentate, anal...
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Anal Itching Treatment – Zaib Medical Center Lahore

Anal Itching Causes & Natural Treatment in Lahore Everyone finds out how embarrassing that itchy bum moment might...
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Anal Fistula Treatment in Lahore – Best Chinese Gastroenterologist

Anal Fistula –Symptoms-Treatment in Lahore An abnormal connection of one part of the body to another is called...
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Specialists for Anal Fissure Treatment in Lahore

Anal Fissure - Male & Female Gastroenterologist at Zaib Medical Center Small tears on the surface of the...