Male Infertility Treatment – Causes and Symptoms

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Male Infertility Treatment | Best Andrologist at Zaib Medical Center Lahore

An unproductive male is generally because of issues that affect either sperm manufacturing or sperm delivery. Male infertility affects approximately 7% of all men, and it is commonly due to deficiencies in the semen, and semen quality is known as a surrogate measure of male fecundity. We at Zaib Medical Center have very experienced and potent Chinese best andrologist in Lahore for male infertility treatment . He will give you complete medical care to be a healthy and fertile man with the help of traditional Chinese herbal medicines. We also have less painful surgical treatments for extreme cases.

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Causes of Infertility in Males – Best Sexologist in Lahore

Sperm Trouble:

Unproductiveness in males mostly incorporate with low sperm count (oligospermia), poor top quality, and motility of sperm (azoospermia), and worst point is an inability to produce sperm. Any of those issues may very well diagnose by way of series of sperm samples conducted on fertility clinics. This issue rises by pressure and unhealthy lifestyle. Treatment with fertility drugs prescribed by the doctor.

Premature Ejaculation:

Most common sexual wellness problem faced by the men. In this disorder, men are not capable of controlling the ejaculation through the sexual activity. They ejaculate as well speedily. You possess the sperms before the sexual intercourse starts. This way the possibilities of suffering from infertility are increases due to the premature ejaculation.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Lahore:

Erectile dysfunction would be the abnormal functioning with the male reproductive organ for the duration of which men fail to attain the erection or sustain the erection. Within this situation, the blood provides is irregular that also impacts the sperm production. Infertility triggers in this case due to the failure to have the sexual intercourse in conjunction with the inferior sperm good quality.

Male And Female Infertility – Diagnosis at Zaib Medical Center

In earlier times a couple with unproductiveness issue always forced the female partner to visit the gynecologist for an evaluation, whereas the male partner was not even asked to get a semen analysis. But now, the time has changed, and now people understand that a fertility test for women and men are equally important.

Male Infertility Treatment – Infertility Specialist in Lahore:

Here are some infertility treatments our Chinese medical staff provides you:

  • Non-Surgical Male Fertility Treatment: with Chinese herbal medicines, which have way more effective results for your sexual health.
  • Surgical Male Fertility Treatment: Surgical treatment options include varicocele repair, ejaculatory duct resection, and vasectomy reversal.
  • Sperm Analysis: Sperm retrieval procedures to collect sperm from organs within the male reproductive tract.
  • Varicocele Repair: Varicocele is enlarged veins (varicose) in the scrotum; they are the most common reason for male infertility.
  • Ejaculatory Duct Resection: A semen analysis with a low volume; ejaculatory duct blocking is the cause of male unproductiveness in 1-5% of men.


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