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The penis is a delicate organ of the male body and making sure that it stays healthy and functional. Our andrologist at Zaib Hospital and Medical Center treat all kind of penis problems, specially erectile dysfunction treatment. We have latest technology along with allopathic and herbal medicines will assure your perfect penile health. Because more you delay your male health issue more you have chances to be infertile.

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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment – Best Andrologist at Zaib Hospital Lahore

  • Balanitis It can appear in swelling, redness, dick soreness and discharge, can be prompted by irritation of the skin, poor hygiene, yeast (Candida) that live naturally on the surface.
  • Curved penisAll men are not arrow-straight and have some degree of curvature in the dick, men who have this condition known as Peyronie’s disease may have severe bending or curving during erections that can make intercourse awkward.
  • Erectile DysfunctionED is one of the most frequent penis health issue. While impotence can cause a multitude of underlying penis problems or other health issues. Loss of dick sensation, poor circulation, emotional issues and obesity are some of the leading factors in ED.
  • Foreskin problemsA related term, paraphimosis, occurs when the foreskin retracts, but then tightens around the crown of the dick and cannot be pulled ahead to its original state.
  • Penile Fractures- When the penis is straight, forceful and sudden bending can cause the penile fracture. It usually causes severe pain, as well as bruising and swelling.
  • PriapismProlonged engorgement of the penis problem is rare; most common in boys aged 5-10 years, as well as in men in between the ages of 20 and 50.

Avoiding Penis Problems and Complications:

While it is not possible to evade everything that can go wrong with the dick. Many normal penis problems you can prevent with proper care and attention to adequate cleanliness and health practices.

  • Safe Intercourse- using a condom during sex not only helps to prevent the transmission of STDs. It can also save off common skin infections.
  • Obesity and a dangerous physical condition can participate to loss of sensation and erectile problems.
  • Stop smoking smoking can increase the risk of erectile dysfunction, as well as reducing blood flow to the penis and contributing to the loss of penile sensation.


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