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Cystitis Causes and Symptoms in Males – Chinese Urologist and Andrologist in Lahore

Do you feel burning when urinating or often want to pee? Do you have pain during urination and at the end of the urination your lower abdomen is sore? You may be suffering from acute cystitis. We at Zaib Medical Center have one of the leading andrology departments for providing you proper medical care for cystitis treatment in Lahore under the supervision of our trained and potent Chinese urologist and andrologist Dr. Zhi Wang. He will give you adequate medical care with the help of Chinese herbal medicines and Chinese techniques.

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There is also some special cystitis, such as interstitial, glandular, emphysematous, gangrenous, chemical and radio cystitis. It can generally happen to anyone of all ages. It can come in the form of irritation or infection on the lower urinary tract.

Causes – Treatment at Zaib Medical Center:

It is a disease that is generally caused by the infection of bacteria in the bladder. Cystitis disease can occur in both man and woman. The causes of this disease are various, from unprotected sex to the use of tampons. Following are some common causes which our Chinese andrologist mentioned here to help you:

  • Prostate infection or infection on other reproductive organs.
  • The most usual reason for this infection is when bacteria that usually live in the anus enter the urethra and progress into the bladder. It can happen during sex.
  • It can be generated by not emptying the bladder fully.
  • Cystitis also arises due to damage or bruising in the area around the urethra in both men.
  • If you wear tight clothes, chemical irritants also cause this infection.
  • Bladder, or kidney, problems, such as a kidney infection, or diabetes also cause this disorder.

Symptoms – Cystitis Treatment – Best Urologist in Lahore

Common symptoms and signs of cystitis include frequency of urination, the urgency of urination, painful urination, or even urge incontinence, and sometimes with hematuria and pyuria. If it cannot be cured timely, the consequences of it are dangerous and unbearable. In most cases, mild disease resolves itself in a few days. Also drinking plenty of water flushes bacteria out of the body is a right way too.


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